1. Simply follow the links on our website to our quick online application form. Complete the quick and easy online application form and click on submit.

2. The ticket [ticket being the application] will be send to our customer support helpdesk.

3. You will receive an email acknowledging receipt, giving you the client a <<unique code>> and referring you the client to a customer support link where you the client can, whenever you want to, can check all movement on your application. However, remember no movement does not mean we are not working on it.

4. Your application will be put through a quick scan. You will be notified of the outcome, either that you are declined or that chances are looking good that we will be able to assist you in which case you will be asked to complete a more detailed application and to submit to us copies of same and all supporting documentation.

5. Upon receipt of your detailed application and supporting documents it will be evaluated and if found to be in order it will be processed.

6. Low scoring ITC clients and clients not providing us with correct and credible information will invariably find that their applications will take longer.

7. If an application is approved a contractual offer will be send to you. You will be required to sign it, if you are happy with the offer, and to return it to us.

8. Finally you will be requested to post all the original documents to us. Payment will not be effected without the originals.

9. If all goes well the required loan amount will be paid directly into your bank account.

10. From the date that we receive the originals, payment will be effected, usually within 48 hours, but this also depends on funding and how long the queue is. There are no short cuts and we are committed to comply with the National Credit Act

11. All along you the client will be able to monitor progress / movement on your application.

12. We do not handle progress / movement enquiries over the telephone. Please use the customer support link for this purpose. It also allows management to monitor it.

13. The various stages can be summarised as follows: Submit Online Form, Pre-scan Stage, Document Stage, Processing Stage, Offer Contract Stage, Review Stage, Original Documents Requested, Payments.

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Team: Southern Money