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Solution General Notice: Customer Support Helpdesk - How to use the ticketing system

Clients are invited to file all requests and or applications through the Southern Money Helpdesk Ticketing System.

Simply enter the system and complete the quick online form. Then submit the form. You will then be diverted to a window providing you with a unique code. Save the page on your computer. Then use the unique code and enter the link to monitor your request / application. Verify the recorded information and just to make sure all is working and you understanding the system post us a message on the system that simply says "Information Verified". You are now active on our system.

Clients are invited to visit this link [ticketing system] as often as they can. It was created to keep our clients informed. The link is very similar than email systems with the exception that it is secure and than none of the personal details of our communication is displayed on the email software of clients.

Clients can and should use the link to post all their requests and or to send documents to Southern Money. Similarly this link will also be used by our call centre to communicate with clients and to send documents to clients.

Remember to check your junk mail box also as many computers regard automated messages and messages of this nature as junk mail while in fact it is not.

We humbly ask clients with pending applications not to phone us to find out if there are any movement on their applications. Phone calls keep us from doing what we are instructed to do. Also do not email us other than through this customer support helpdesk as we need to keep all correspondence in one place.

You are invited to visit this link as often as possible. Any and all movements on applications will be posted here.

Remember! No movement does not mean we are not working on your application. We only post movement and not all work done on your application. We respect the National Credit Act. All information must be verified and credit worthiness must be evaluated. Also if clients are declined their applications are taken up with alternative Lenders. This all takes time. Low ITC scores invariably slow the process down.

Remember: We are on your side.

Team: Southern Money
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